Customs consultancy and training for companies and professional services firms

We believe that a customs consultant should be a trustworthy and reliable figure, who can guide and assist all the companies engaged in international trade (intra or extra EU).

Providing information and advice is a fundamental aspect of our job. We are aware that the knowledge of regulations and tax rules isn’t always sufficient to solve the documental problems and the obstacles that the operator must face (for instance, the feared seizure of goods). Our 40 years’ experience in the field has taught us that customs operations require knowledge…but also practice!

The know-how we developed allows us to provide you with a factual consultancy, both theoretical and practical, based upon the many types of (sometimes complex) customs operations we handled over the years.

Our goal is to make customs clearance as easy as possible for our clients and to avoid unexpected costs or charges that often “come up” when dealing with international purchases and sales.

We provide consultancy in the following fields:

  • VAT treatment of operations inside and outside the EU
  • Feasibility studies
  • Check on the accuracy of the carried-out operations
  • Analysis of the HS and TARIC codes used in the company
  • Goods subject to special regulations (e.g. dual use)
  • Data analysis of the submitted Intrastat lists
  • Check on production processes and submission of the Intrastat lists produced by the company
  • Triangulations
  • Customised training courses on specific topics previously agreed with the clients’ companies and the professional services firms
  • AEO authorisation

Over 40 years’ experience and the benefits of the AEO authorisation

We have been taking care of customs operations in Verona since 1978. Professionalism, precision, and our experience in the field make us a reliable partner, which can meet all requirements.

As AEO certified operators, we can guarantee our clients faster customs clearance, domiciliation procedures, reduces costs and less unexpected occurrences in customs.

Do you need assistance with customs clearance? Contact us.
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