Compilation of Intrastat lists and consultancy

The Intrastat system was established in January 1993, when the EU’s single market came into effect. Its purpose is to collect and transmit data on the trading of goods between EU countries.

For many years, even since you could only submit the Intrastat on a paper form, our company has assisted clients in drawing up commercial documents, and in the compilation and submission of Intrastat lists. Today more than ever, our many years of experience allow us to offer a curated and detailed service to a constantly growing number of economic operators and tax consultancy firms.

We take care of:


  • Processing of EU sales invoices issued by the clients
  • Processing of EU purchase invoices received from the clients
  • Clients’ data processing
  • Compilation of Intrastat lists for third parties (professional services firms and accountants)
  • Electronic submission of Intrastat lists
  • Registration of the sales turnover for each client
  • Updates on new regulations by circulars
  • VAT knowledge for EU operations

Over 40 years’ experience and the benefits of the AEO authorisation

We have been taking care of customs operations in Verona since 1978. Professionalism, precision, and our experience in the field make us a reliable partner, which can meet all requirements.

As AEO certified operators, we can guarantee our clients faster customs clearance, domiciliation procedures, reduces costs and less unexpected occurrences in customs.

Do you need assistance with customs clearance? Contact us.
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