Ortrans your partner for customs operations in Verona

We have supported companies in handling the import and the export of goods inside and outside the EU since 1978. In 1992, after the opening of the borders in the EU, we focused our attention on the transactions with Eastern Europe, Russia, and post-Soviet countries.

Our keywords? Expertise, professionalism, precision, and efficiency. Expertise, professionalism, precision, and efficiency.

AEO authorisation: the benefits for our clients

The AEO authorisation is granted by the Customs authorities after a range of checks on the company procedures. This authorisation certifies that Ortrans meets the security and safety standards required by the Union Customs Code.

There are many benefits in choosing an AEO certified operator, such as:

  • Significant reduction (up to – 70%) of customs controls on documents and goods
  • Possibility to request for the customs control to be held in an approved place (outside customs)
  • Dedicated processing lanes for customs clearance and controls
  • Faster shipments and cost reductions

More than customs agents.

Our story

Ortrans was established in 1978 as a customs partner for the export of fresh fruit and vegetables. Over the years, we expanded our range of activities, and we were able to offer different services to many companies and firms which handle the international transport of goods.

The opening of borders within the EU in 1992 was a significant turning point for our company. The simplification of the intra-EU transfer procedures allowed us to focus on the former Soviet Union countries and to expand our range of services beyond customs documentation.

Today we can proudly state that we are not only customs agents, but we also specialize in personalised courses and training, working closely with external companies and professional services firms to provide our clients with a full range of services, tailor-made for every need.

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