With the Determination prot. no. 493869 / RU of 23 December 2021 of the ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency) some changes have been introduced to the summary lists of intra-community transactions and the compilation of the related forms. With this information we will try to highlight the “practical” changes concerning both the Sales and the Purchases.


Movement of goods between EU and UK after Brexit

Starting from January 1 2021, the withdrawal of the UK from the EU will determine significant changes in the movement of goods.

Services Services Services

Custom operations in Verona

Customs operations are a complex matter which requires high specialisation, absolute precision, and constant update. And they are also our specialty! At Ortrans, in fact, we have been handling customs practices at Verona customs for more than 40 years.

Compilation of Intrastat lists and consultancy

The Intrastat system was established in January 1993, when the EU’s single market came into effect. Its purpose is to collect and transmit data on the trading of goods between EU countries.

Customs consultancy and training for companies and professional services firms

We believe that a customs consultant should be a trustworthy and reliable figure, who can guide and assist all the companies engaged in international trade (intra or extra EU).


Transport and logistics

Working with foreign clients and being familiar with the different requirements for the transport of goods, we have chosen to offer our clients a full range of services and to create a base (our warehouse) for logistics in Verona.